Guitar Making

For more than 25 years I have been involved in the construction of stringed instruments. I remember the time when it was much more difficult than today to get good guitar building information. The internet was hardly established and digital cameras were expensive and rare. That's when I started taking pictures of what I was building and programmed it piece by piece into my private site to share it.

Since I don't always plan to document every step of such a project from the outset, the granularity of the reports is not necessarily the same. But I hope that the interested reader can make use of my experience and that some steps can be carried out better, since he has already "theoretically" got to know the matter.

Since 2010 I'm living from it full-time and although I'm still building, repairing and photographing many new things, I find less and less time to put them on the homepage.


Have fun and keep on building !!


Classic view