The Signature Guitar "Christian"

The Signature Guitar "Christian"

On this site I describe the construction of a massive electric guitar. The following features stand out:

  • Own design of the body shape
  • Top AAA maple top
  • One-piece piece of wood as mahogany body
  • fingerboard inlays in "swallow" design
  • black varnish, high gloss
  • Natural Binding (wood grain appears without staining)
  • Humbucker neck position Seymour Duncon PAF '59
  • Humbucker bridge position "Gibson 500"
  • Active Piezo Bridge GraphTech with Mike Christian Preamp

No exaggeration: the guitar has sustain without end! It is designed for an aggressive heavy sound with a lot of bang. And it delivers it!

The classic toggle switch circuit has three positions: Neck - neck+bridge - bridge. With a mini switch you can choose between normal magnetic pickups in passive mode and the highest quality acoustic sound.

To ensure that the acoustic sound can also be properly amplified, the jack socket is designed in stereo. This way the normal guitar amplifier can be used for nice distortion sounds and the PA can be supplied with the acoustic signal.

PS: If you plug a piezo bridge into a guitar amp, too many highs come in and it sounds very metallic.

Classic view