Slotted Finger Boards

Slotted Finger Boards

We are happy to respond to your wishes.

Adjustments such as the number of frets, slot width or slot depth we change for you uncomplicated and free of charge. Write us your wishes in the comment field of the order please.

Slot width: Our fingerboards are standard with 0.6mm slots and are precisely sawn. If you want 0,5 or 0,7mm, please let us know.

Sawing depth for scales with fretboard radius (steel strings): approx. 3,2mm
Sawing depth for scales without fingerboard radius (classical): approx. 2,5mm

Wood species: In addition to tropical woods, we also carry domestic woods and are happy to cut them for you. We have: Pear, Walnut, Plum, Oak, Smoked Oak, Birch....

  • Indian rosewood - (Dalbergia latifolia)
  • Madagascar rosewood ((Dalbergia spp. /baronii):

!!! Please note that some wood species are subject to restrictions - Within the EU we sell as usual. Information can be found at the respective articles.
We do not export (from the EU) woods subject to CITES II - but components for musical instruments such as cut fingerboards - These are exempted by footnote 15 of the resolutions.
But we do not export board blanks, because the exemption clearly refers to parts belonging to musical instruments !!!!


  • A word to our ebony  (Diospyros crassiflora):

We source selected tonewood quality.

Completely black ebony can be found only randomly. We think it’s a mistake to reject naturally grown and colored fine ebony. We’ve two grades. But it’s only optically different.

Be on the ball – its natural wood – no artificial plastic.


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You'll find in this category planed and sawn fret-boards in different scales. Mainly for

  • Electric guitars
Full List Of Fretboards

Full List Of Fretboards

You'll find here our full list of available standard fretboards. Custom work is no problem. On request we can change

  • The wood
  • The number of frets
  • The kerf size