The Body Binding

Here I use a multi-part binding: Outside ABS in vintage yellow and inside 2x wood black and white. The milling channel has to be milled around the body. Tricky are the transitions at the cutaway on both sides.

Test of Binding structure

Before the ceiling or floor trunking is milled, the final decoration must still be glued. Use the router to mill away about 2/3 of the frame thickness and close it again with an insert. This is not only beautiful, but also protects the frame transition.


Detailed view with start milling cutter and a special support for always the same distance and thus milling depth.

So that the body always mills at the same height, I use a holder with rollers on the underside.

Milling of the channel

Detail of the channel at the cutaway

Detail on Cutaway

Adjusting the two inner wooden strips

Fixing the ABS strip in the cutaway.

Body with almost finished binding

Body with almost finished Binding