The Fretboard

Features of the fingerboard:

  • Snow-Flakes made of mother of pearl as position indicators
  • on the 12th fret the name "Andy"
  • Binding

Inserting the dots and the name string:

The simple method of simply drilling a hole for the insert simply looks bad! I choose the more complex method and mill along the outer contour.

I scanned the nameplate from a signature, printed it after appropriate processing and glued it on a piece of mother of pearl.

With a small jeweller's fretsaw and a fine blade the crotch is created.

The printouts are positioned at the right place on the fretboard and milled out. The filling process is described here.

Now follows the fretboard binding.

First, the sides are fixed with a special ABS adhesive from model making. Then cut off the ends cleanly and fit a short piece of binding. Leave everything to dry overnight and then finish shaping with scraper, file and sandpaper.

Mark side dots in the center and pre-drill with the drill and fix with super glue.