Installation of Pickup B-Band A 6.2

The guitar gets a B-band preamp with bridge insert (UST) and top pickup (AST). The system can select between both sound sources via a slider.

Marking the cutout on adhesive strips of masking tape.

Marking out the cutout

The end bushing is drilled with a 12mm drill bit and inserted through the sound hole.

Installation of the end bushing

With the Dremel and a steady hand, you can successfully mill out the opening.

Milling of the opening

Once the hole has been milled and cleaned, the battery compartment is glued in place using Velcro strips.


Position of the top pickup between the beams. As can be seen, the pickup not only rests on the wooden bridge plate, but also intersects the beams. With a little skill, the pickup strip is bent a bit at the corners and glued to the beams. The tone is still balanced and warm.

Location of AST

Plugging in the leads and screwing down the insert. Before the strings are put on, one last knock test and the installation is finished.

Plugging in the cables