Preparation of the Ribs

For the pointed cutaway, the frames are constructed in three parts. With the paper template I transfer the measurements to the ground and cut to length frames. Important is the drawing of the wooden parts - what points to the ceiling, what to the floor and for the cutaway, what points to the neck.

Geschliffene und abgelängte Zargen

Bending the frames with the Fox Bender.

Biegen der Zargen

only the short piece in the cutaway is bent with the hand bending iron If one side of the frame fits, the next piece is bent.

Zargenkranz 1

Now the neck or end block and the tip are produced and glued in. I use almost exclusively hide glue for this guitar.

Zargenkranz 2

Glue the neck block and the tip

Leimen des Halsblocks

Gluing the end block

Leimen des Endblocks

Now the rough adjustment of the frame contour is done with the plane

Anpassen der Zargenkontur 1

To obtain the best possible stability and fit, the frame contours of the bottom and top are sanded with emery paper in the arching template.

Schleifen der Zargenkontur

Sizing the kerfed linings

Leimen der Reifchen

Gluing the ceiling

Aufleimen der Decke

Adapted bottom before closing the box.

Angepasster Boden

Gluing the floor

Verleimen des Bodens