Finishing of "Signature Model Christian"

Since I already have several descriptions about varnishing guitars on my site, I won't go into detail about the preparation and execution here.

But if you want to know more please check here


The varnishing is done in the not yet glued state. This makes masking, handling during spraying and polishing easier. As stain I used pigment stain. The varnish was PUR from Hesse (Lignal).

Work processes neck / head plate:
Staining of the top veneer, masking of the fingerboard, priming, sanding, final painting with 4 thin layers of varnish.

Headstock after pickling

Operations Body:
Sanding with 120; 180; soak, final sanding 240. Stain, but before that mask the sides for the binding. After the stain has dried, rework the binding with the drawing blade and sandpaper. Cover any openings which are not to be painted (glue surface neck, etc.). Prime and intermediate sanding until the pores of the mahogany are filled. Final painting with 4 thin layers of varnish.

Color pattern and after pickling

Paint with clear varnish

Neck finish with clear lacquer

Paint back with Black