Finishing of "Semi Acoustic Guitar red"

The color of the guitar should turn red. Translucent and cheering and with high gloss nitro lacquer. I used Zweihorn SDF-H nitrocellulose lacquer for this. This can be sprayed easily and otherwise processed, but in my experience it is not well suited for instruments. Unfortunately I say this in retrospect, because after about half a year cracks in the varnish appeared. Also during some repairs there was so much tension in the varnish that e.g. at the sharp corners of a bridge glued during water sanding 2-3cm long cracks appeared. So still before the assembly.

Preparing the Bindings

For Natural Binding, the colorless strip must be covered with varnish in such a way that the subsequent stain is not absorbed. With 3M special tape I covered the strip tightly and applied the varnish twice with a small brush. After removing the tape you have to check again if the paint has missed somewhere.

Before staining I watered the whole body. With a damp cloth the wood is rubbed off. With it small wood shavings are formed, which are sanded with 280'er sandpaper after drying. I screwed on one handle and then stained the body with red stain. The neck was glued in before I painted it. I wouldn't do that anymore today, because you can hardly reach the neck area for polishing.

Body when dry Corpus during dry 2

Here you can see the guitar hanging up while varnishing and then drying.

Feeding the mass to Bridge Natural Binding
Lacquered Horn

Above a few details of the surface.

Painted Body 1 Painted Body 2

The guitar before and after polishing.

After polishing,