Fret Press

This pliers actually comes from the metal construction. It is used there for holding during welding work and is very robust. After some modifications, it can be used for pressing in fret bars.

Replacing the cheek

The structure consists of a movable support for the back of the neck and the tool holder. This is designed for different inserts with different radii. If you want to fret a classical guitar, for example, you take a straight shim. A Fender Stratocaster needs a radius shim of 7.25".

Once the fret slots are sawn to the correct width and the fret pieces are pre-bent, you only need to place them in the slots at the extreme ends. A small set screw in the handle is used to adjust the end tension once. With light pressure, the pliers set the fret sticks.

Fashioned tongs Detail of the mouth

The advantage of this type of setting is that the frets are pressed in evenly. With the hammer, small dents can occur, also the fret wire can not rest on the wood over the entire length. This does not happen with the press. The associated dressing rework becomes much smaller.

A tool for continuous use.