About Rall Guitars & Tools

RALL GUITARS sees itself as an outfitter for professional and hobby instrument makers.

True to the motto: "Quality you buy once" - we have specialized in what you need for luthery, the repair of plucked instruments.

Through decades of experience, we know what it's all about.
Many tools, devices, components, etc. arise from the requirements of the workshop and are constantly being developed.
We have a high degree of in-house production depth - many of our products are manufactured in our own workshop or in the vicinity - Made in Germany.

Our extensive range is sold worldwide by mail order.

We are a specialist for

  •     Guitar making tools, jigs
  •     Components that are installed in instruments during building and repair.

We are partner for special developments both in jigs and tools as well as in small series for the luthier who needs the combination of CAD and CNC.

We are member of the German guild: Landesinnung-süd des Bayerischen Musikinstrumentenhandwerks
Kreishandwerkerschaft Miesbach-Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen

Guitar making is love of detail and beauty. And reliable craftsmanship with the power of passion.

Keep on building!

Your Andreas Rall with team