Side Bending Silicon Heat Mat - 920 x 90mm

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Side bending heat mat e.g. for steel Jazz guitar sides.
It is fibre reinforced and has nearly flat surface to avoid impressions.
Designed for professional usage on temperature controller and safety equipment.
It comes with app. 1,0m heat resistant cable,

  • Cable outlet aside
  • Size: app. 920mm x 90mm x 2mm
  • 230V/50Hz~ / 420W / 1,8A
  • Working temp.: 125-135°C
  • Maximum temp: < 175°C

Without plug and controller
Connection only by the electrician!
Operated only by properly trained staff

!!!Attention - Please note that improper use generally causes a fire hazard and any guarantee will be void - always use as intended.
No acceptance of damages caused!!
No export to the USA / Canada

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