The finished instrument

For this project I did not document the production of the neck and fingerboard, because a lot of this is already mentioned elsewhere on my homepage.

For documentation, please go to: Making the neck

For the sake of completeness, the neck is made of fine curly maple (steel bar 400mm, bone inlay, Kluson-style tuners). The neck shape at the back has a strong but pleasant almost semi-circular profile. The surface was waxed, the fingerboard oiled. African rosewood, which reminds strongly of Rio rosewood in its grain, was used as fretboard wood, as 2.5mm thick veneer of the same wood is glued to the headstock. Mother-of-pearl inlays were worked into a 12 " radius. Dunlop 6105 medium frets complete the picture.

Gluing the neck

The neck was glued in, the missing holes for bridge, tremolo, potis etc. were made. The grounding of the strings is done by bare cable ends pressed in with the tailpiece sleeves, which were then soldered to ground. The adjustment of the intonation was done with a Peterson Strobe Tuner - fantastic!

Together with the Mini

The good piece was covered with 12' strings and first dry, unamplified tests were convincing. Over amplifiers at home and on stage completely convincing! Because too much self-praise stinks I stop now and play for a few more hours ;-)

F-hole detail Headstock
Cutaway with Set Neck

Here are some detail shots showing the f-holes, the headstock including decal and the ergonomic cutaway.