Product no.: 14010005

This template set is for accurate routing the dovetail joint on the acoustic guitar body and neck.
One Template for neck and one for the body (14010001 and 14010002) and also an additional bearing guide (thickener 14010004) for deep neck pockets.
Used with the 19110040 neck joint router bit will produce the famous 22° dovetail joint of a CFM guitar.
I's made of CNC-machined 10mm clear Plexiglas.
7-3/4" x 10" (196.85mm x 254.00mm)

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Product no.: 18010001

Guitarmaking blueprint  000 modell 24,9" (630mm) Scale, 14. fret body/neck joint
Three accurately printed DINA-0 sheets

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Product no.: 19110040

This custom made carbide tipped router is designed for cutting Martin-style dovetail neck joints where the angle is 90 + 10°.
Two bearings for extended guide length! 21mm pocket depth is no problem.


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