Product no.: 19160001

File Cleaner - 25mm steel file card


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Product no.: 19160002

Fret File Cleaner - Crimped Brass Wire


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Product no.: 04030001

Custom made for leveling frets. Very even and straight file block, smooth cross cut on both sides. Size app: 200x40x8mm
Cut is more coarse than 04030006.

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Product no.: 04030006

Precisely flat file block for leveling frets. Has hard wood handle which has a flat top. Can be used with fine grit sand paper for additional honing after filing - a good time saver before recrowning. Very smooth file cut - low cutting force due to it's propper weight. Professional Quality.

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Product no.: 04030007

Handy block file e.g. for filing sharp or overhanging fret ends - or where a normal file handle is on the way. Has hard wood handle which has a flat top.

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Product no.: 19160003

Brass wire scrubbing brush with slider for hardness adjustment.

Use e.g. for cleaning fret files.

  • Brush size: app. 3x25mm
  • Total length: 55mm
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