Fret Hammer

Fret Hammer

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Product no.: 04020001

Very handy fret hammer with two different hammering surfaces
Threated heads for easy replacement

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Product no.: 04020002

Plastic replacement head for fret hammer
7/8" diameter

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Product no.: 04020003

Brass replacement head for fret hammer
7/8" diameter

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Product no.: 20020002

Neck support made from hardwood with protective felt. Use e.g. while fretwork.
Material: hardwood
Dimensions: approx.25cm x 7.0cm x 3cm

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Product no.: 19170090

Fret setting tool for partial knocking down of high spots on fret boards or attach loose fret ends - without having to remove the strings.
A very useful tool for quick repairs or for pressing down when gluing.

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