The Signature Guitar "Christian"

The Signature Guitar "Christian"

On this site I will describe the construction of a massive electric guitar. The following features stand out:

  • Own design of body shape
  • Top AAA maple top
  • Single piece of wood in Mahogany Body
  • Fingerboard inlays in "Diver" design
  • Paint black, high gloss
  • Natural Binding (wood grain appears without staining)
  • Humbucker neck position Seymour Duncon PAF '59
  • Humbucker bridge position "Gibson 500"
  • Active Piezo Bridge GraphTech with Mike Christian Preamp

It is no exaggeration: the guitar has sustain without end! It is designed for an aggressive heavy sound with neat WUMS. And she has !!

The classic toggle switch circuit has three positions: neck - neck + bridge - bridge. With a mini-switch to choose between normal, magnetic pickups in passive mode and the acoustic sound of the highest quality.

In order for the acoustic sound can be properly amplified, the jack stereo book is designed. In this way, the standard guitar amplifier for beautiful sounds of its own and the PA can be supplied with the alarm signal.

PS: You put a Piezo Bridge into a guitar amp, come in for a lot of ups and that sounds very metallers then on.

The Body

My method of guitar building is quite often the same in the initial stage: I construct a scale of 1: 1, drawing with the corresponding templates for milling and finished only at this. For the body I need the following template.

Preparation of the Neck

The neck blank was cut from a beautiful one-piece piece of maple with narrow, lying annual rings. Penciled The outer shape by template and worked out. The headstock and fretboard page is currently being done in the strength of the neck back but for now remains in shape. This facilitates the ensuing work.

The Preparation of the Fretboard Inlays - "Birds"

I get here already a little deeper with the description of a - more on that already exist in the other projects Link


In order to achieve ergonomic possible arrangement of the control buttons and knobs, I drew this, cut off the printout from the scissors and put these to the appropriate location.

Finishing of "Signature Model Christian"

Since I have several descriptions of the painting of guitars on my website, I'm no longer here in detail the preparation and implementation.

The Finished Instrument

After about four weeks drying time for the paint polishing began. What can I say - I was thrilled! Such depth of the grain! The optics Natural Binding and black back is perfect.