Veneer Cutter

You need a narrow, uniform clamping of veneer? Want a black / white / black binding produced in the thickness 1.8mm? No problem. With the veneer cutter shown here are achieved in a jiffy strips of wood veneer strips to about 0.8 or 1mm thickness.

It consists of a 12cm long ewa book carcass on its side with two screws spacer plates (hard plastic as plastic veneer) are attached. Between these plates kan chucking one or more Rasierklinen. The razor must be about 1 mm protrude when tightening and be moored to the highest point on the rear end slowly ascending (contrary to the thrust direction) - so you do not cut in thin veneer the timber at a time. If one uses the veneer cutter with a blade, limited to the stripe width with a straight stop and drives a few times along it. If one uses a plurality of blades, the width is indeed from the blade spacing and a stopper only serves as a guide to cut the strip straight down. Between strips, the strips thus obtained can then be glued.

two razor blades between spacer plates One-hand operation Detail of the leaf uptake

When building, make sure that the distance does not project package, otherwise it clips possibly a stop ruler. You do not use it, you have it covered stand somewhere, as it is quite dangerous to unintentionally engage in sharp razor.

Last modified on 15.04.2001