Bending a Cigar Box tailpiece

This article shows how to bend the flat tailpiece for cigar box guitars.

The tailpieces are made of 1 mm thick stainless steel sheet and can be attached in different positions. They are often attached at the end of the cigar box instruments across the corner. If you reinforce the wood on the inside of the box, you can attach it securely with three screws.

In addition to the three holes for the screws, there is a 10 mm hole in the center. An 6,3mm output jack could be attached directly here from the inside. This would also provide the string grounding for electric instruments.


Once you have drawn the center line of the neck to the end of the body, draw down a line to where the screws for the tailpiece attachment should be. Hold the metal to the position and find out where you want to make the bent.
The flat delivered tailpiece must bent in a vice where moderate hand force is neded.
Once you have determined how far the screw-on surface should protrude at the end, you know where to bend. To do this, draw a line at right angles to the central axis. It looks nice if you bend approx. 25-30 mm from the two outer corners


Cigarbox Saitenhalter Biegelinie anzeichnen



Cigarbox Saitenhalter Biegelinie anzeichnen


Clamp the marked bending line in the vice. To prevent the sheet itself from bending, place a piece of wood underneath it to support and press it down firmly.


Einklemmen an der Biegelinie  DSC03688_02 


Biegen mit Unterstützung 

Biegen mit Unterstützung

Kontrolle der gewünschten Höhe

Nachbiegen mittels Hammer und Beilageholz


Does it fit on the instrument? You may have to bend it again. You can also bend the tailpiece on other positions or make the area for string attachment parallel to the top or bend the whole tailpiece in an arch - all possibilities are open here!

Passt der Cigar Box Saitenhalter?


How are strings hooked in?


Einhängen von Saiten in den Cigar Box Saitenhalter


These tailpieces are available in 3- or 4-string versions and in various designs.

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