The conversion project Variax - SG

The conversion project Variax - SG

Here I describe a pioneering act regarding Variax Conversions! Until now, conversions of the Variax 500 or 700 were mostly just conversions of the entire hardware consisting of circuit board, piezo bridge in fender form in another body.

Here I managed the conversion to a Gibson-like bridge (Stop Tail Bridge) with piezo inlays. So now Les Pauls or like SG's are possible.

Attached are two sound clips from my friend " mesa " - thanks for the recordings! 

Name File Description  Sound Clip
Acoustic and Strat AkkStratClip.txt Sound Clip 1 (mp3, 2.2MB)
Les Paul LesterBrettClip.txt Sound Clip 2 (mp3, 1.3MB)

Finished Conversion

As always, it starts with planning and then the milling templates have to be created.

Make templates

Continue with the scroll saw

Fine work along the line

Fscablone for the battery compartment inside

Body waiting for milling

Before milling

First layer milled away

Milled away first position

All milling finished

Millings ready

The holes for the end bushing are drilled.

Output socket

First test to see if everything fits.

Everything fits?

Applying the shielding

Applying the shield

Electronics almost completely wired.

Built-in hardware

Finished electronics compartment with connected circuit board.

Variax electronics ready

the prototype and converter board used here have been further developed

PCB set

New board with piezo transducer

Prototype Adapter

The cables of the single piezos are led through the body to the conversion board.

Variay Piezo Bridge

Finished conversion. Please listen to the sound clips above - amazing sound! More sustain and more natural acoustic sounds.

Pavers remodeling