Repairing Jazz Guitars

Repairing Jazz Guitars

Restoration of a Höfner "Hofner" Jazz Guitar 470SE2

Here I show a special kind of challenge. This baby had some unsightly repairs behind and they first had to be roused from slumber.

Framus 5/51 Studio

Here I show the repair of a jazz guitar from the early 70ties.

Jazzgitarren Repair of "Lindberg, Schwarzer Frack"

The company Lindberg in Munich could be build in the 50-60'igern of renowned German guitar manufacturers own models. The piece shown here was one of those.

Restoration of a defective jazz guitar from the 50's

This rampunierte piece of music history brought by a friend. Rather with a pitying look, but too good to throw away, I have it canceled and considered a number of years. Recently, I had sufficient time and took me to the jazz guitar. On the head and in the interior there was no indication on the manufacturer. From the construction and the materials used, I appreciate the production in the early 50's.