Repairing Jazz Guitars

Repairing Jazz Guitars

Restoration of a Höfner " Hofner" Jazz guitar 470SE2

Here I show a challenge of a special kind. This sweetheart already had some unattractive repairs behind her and she first had to be woken up again from her slumber.

Framus 5/51 Studio

Here I show the repair of a jazz guitar from the early 70s.

Jazzgitarren Repair of "Lindberg, Schwarzer Frack"

The Lindberg company in Munich had their own models built in the 50-60's by well-known German guitar manufacturers. The piece shown here was one of them.

Restoration of a defective jazz guitar from the 50's

This battered piece of music history was brought by a friend. Rather with a pitying look, but still too good to throw away, I kept it for several years and thought about it. Recently I had enough time and took care of the jazz guitar. On the head and inside there was no indication of the manufacturer. From the construction and the materials used, I estimate the manufacture to the early 50's.