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The first time I built a guitar myself in my youth, I used cheap plywood, it was just there! I just didn't think about it, which wood do I take and in which quality should I use it?

Adhesives and glues from guitar making

Here I describe glues and adhesives that I have had experience with in new guitar building and repair.

Shielding of electric compartment

Who hasn't experienced this: You're playing a beautiful number, maybe the recording recorder is also running - and something is humming. As soon as the guitarist or the bassist turns a little, the humming becomes less.

The use of Mammoth Ivory

As most people know, the material of the elephant's front teeth is called ivory. These weir teeth of elephants are elongated incisors. They are covered with nerves almost to the tip and are therefore hollow from the root to just before the end of the tusk and relatively thin-walled at the base of the jaw.