The project "Semi Acoustic Guitar"

The project "Semi Acoustic Guitar"

For some time I have always been re-guitar type ?? ES 355 ?? or similar semi-acoustic instruments irritated. On the one hand, I like the sound and on the other hand they are lighter than solid body guitars.

When I at Musikmesse '99 in Frankfurt, the new hollow ?? McCarty ?? Models had seen, I was blown away. The models are divided on following: there is a so-called ?? ?? hollowbody, it has a mahogany body with attached solid spruce top and is quite flat, and then the same design ?? McCarty Archtop ??. Its body is 1 inch thicker than the hollowbody. If the ceiling and floor are of the guitar made of maple, get the product name to Apendix II ?? ??. If for example the ?? McCarty Hollowbody II ?? (lower body, floor and ceiling made of maple) sees one could smooth fall in love with!

And then there was the ?? McCarty Archtop Artist ??. She is a ?? McCarty Archtop II ?? (ie the thickness ?? ??, twice maple) with a few extras. Well what are already Schlappe $ 10,000 USD with a little gold around the inlays and a fingerboard made of Brazilian rosewood?

Before I forget! The guitars are top notch quality, sound, etc. So much for background. What's better than to buy them? Precisely ?? do it Yourself!! I wanted a kind of ?? hollowbody ?? to build. In the following, I have documented my efforts. I hope you like my work. Each time I am ready to answer questions and suggestions!

I thank you in any case with the incoming comments and suggestions.

I have taken the pictures with a 1.3M pixel camera and reduced to mostly 100dpi. If you photographed and documented as something one is torn right now and - even a photo? There are already so many! So have a little bit of patience with the store - this is not a professional book.

Finished Semi Acoustic Guitar

Manufacturing the Body

The Linde blank I have sanded to 44mm thickness. With the template I have recorded the contour and drilled roughly with a Forstner bit. The inside of the frames I have just cut the collar ring and the router.

Preparation of the Neck

The neck is constructed in one piece of maple. Then a fingerboard made of ebony comes with mother of pearl inlays. Maple I have (60mm thick) were cut with the stencil on the band saw from an old piece.

Finishing of "Semi Acoustic Guitar red"

The color of the guitar should be red. Translucent and grain-raising and with high-gloss nitrocellulose lacquer. I have this Zweihorn SDF-H Nitrolack used.


After polishing the frets must be clean and dressed also polished.