"000 III" with windows and Venetian cutaway headstock

In this project I document the construction of an OOO [:tripple Oh:]. The following special features can be found:

  • Window head plate
  • mother-of-pearl inlay in the head plate (design based on the "torch inlay")
  • mother-of-pearl inlay in the 12th fret as a signature
  • Pointed Cutaway
  • Fingerboard binding
  • pickup system B-Band A6.2 with bridge and ceiling pickup

Just built together - first test

Just assembled - first test with strings.

Planning the Project

I need four main templates. Ceiling with outer contour and bracing; Neck including top plate in plan view and side view and the Zargenkontur and a profile template for the neck profile.

Back and Top

I only build the floor and ceiling in defined curvatures. This makes them both more attractive in sound and more stable and resistant to the constant stress of professional use. I'm thinking of expansion and tensile stress due to heat, heat etc.

The Fretboard

Features of the fingerboard:

  • Snow-Flakes made of mother of pearl as position indicators
  • on the 12th fret the name "Andy"
  • Binding

The Body Binding

Here I use a multi-part binding: Outside ABS in vintage yellow and inside 2x wood black and white. The milling channel has to be milled around the body. Tricky are the transitions at the cutaway on both sides.

The Guitar Neck

The neck blank is cut out of light mahogany using the template and glued. Both the fingerboard support and the neck angle are worked straight with the plane. Then follows the gluing of the head veneer.

Preparation of the Slottet Peghead

This window head gets a custom mother of pearl inlay. This is specially drawn and the print is then transferred to mother of pearl and cut out with a jeweler's saw.

Preparation of the Ribs

For the pointed cutaway, the frames are constructed in three parts. With the paper template I transfer the measurements to the ground and cut to length frames. Important is the drawing of the wooden parts - what points to the ceiling, what to the floor and for the cutaway, what points to the neck.

Finishing of "000 Fensterkopf"

Since I already have several descriptions about varnishing guitars on my site, I won't go into detail about the preparation and realization here.


Once the paint has dried well over several weeks, assembly begins.

Installation of Pickup B-Band A 6.2

The guitar gets a B-band preamp with bridge insert (UST) and top pickup (AST). The system can select between both sound sources via a slider.