Planning the Project

I need four main templates. Ceiling with outer contour and bracing; neck including head plate in top view and side view as well as the frame contour and a profile template for the neck profile.

For this I make myself drawings. With spray glue I fix the cutouts on 8mm thick MDF boards and saw them out. If I use the template also for milling, it is worked and sanded accurately.

Ceiling Template

I transfer the frame template onto 28mm thick MDF boards, saw it out and mill along the contour with the approach milling cutter. With dowels the three individual parts are fixed to each other, glue is added and then glued together. The fitting contour is finished with a band saw, files and sandpaper.

Manufacture of Zargenform

To make sure that the neck contour is clean and defined, I made my own template from 1mm thick aluminium sheet. One cutout fits each on the 1st; 4th; 7th and 12th fret.

Profile neck mask