Shielding of electric compartment

Does this sound familiar: You play a beautiful number, possibly even just running the recording recorder - and anything is booming here. Hardly the guitarist or bassist turns a little, already also the hum is less.

The reason for this is almost always the so-called hum with approximately 50Hz. Here, the pickup (only magnetic single coil types actually) reacts as an antenna and receives, for example, the EMC dirt of your guitar or transformers as the neon on the ceiling.

To minimize the "radiation-dirt" in the air is often more difficult than the professional shield in the guitar itself.

Here I show how I Duisenberg on P90 pickups shielded the milling with a Telecaster remodeling.

Freshly milled Body

There are several Abschirmmöglichkeiten. Actually, it's always about to build a metallic conductive jacket which is to be connected to the ground line.

I call two variants:

paste with metallic conductive foil

  • Copper foil

Spray or sprinkle better with metallic conductive ink

  • Kupferleitfarbe
  • Graphite color
  • Conductive Silver
  • EMC Shielding (eg copper-based)

Surely this also with aluminum foil - but then brings the guitar to me not (except for · redo :-))!

Aluminum foil can be very bad electrically connect - be it between the aluminum strip as well as the mass of the guitar.

I use a water-based Kupferleitfarbe - environmentally friendly, fast drying and super tight. Here, the manufacturer promises a shielding more than 60 dB (99.9999%).

It is very important that the conductive particles are uniformly distributed in color. To this end, the Plastikquirl stir well (5-10 minutes!).

And stir!

Important: the shield only works properly when the entire conductive shell is connected to the ground! This is made so that a piece of single-sided adhesive tape is adhered as copper soldering base under the Abschirmlack. Sweeps to the shielding paint on the tape between the tape and the ink compound is provided.

Painting the surfaces according to manufacturer's instructions (here 2-3x)

On the copper tape a piece of cable is soldered and then connected, for example in electronics to a Potigehäuse. With the ohmmeter you can still measure the shield resistance. Held at a distance of about 6 cm at the screening, the meter must as 1,5Ohm Show less. Perfect!