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Fret Press

This pliers actually comes from the metal construction. It is used there for holding during welding work and is very robust. After some modifications, it can be used for pressing in fret bars.

Peghole Drilling

Classical guitars and steel string guitars with openwork headstocks usually have leg shaft machine heads with a hole spacing of 35mm. Making these freehand is quite tedious and risky. This device is intended to remedy this.

Tools: Binding Jig

Here I show a homemade jig for clean and accurate routing of edge inlays on guitars.

Dovetail Template - Device for Precise Cutting of Guitar Neck

On this site I show my router jig for attaching the neck to acoustic guitar bodies.

Lacquering Machine Polishing - Buffing

After I got tired of polishing all the paintwork by hand, I thought about building a polishing machine myself. This not only saves a lot of time and elbow grease, but also the surfaces shine professionally ;-)

Band Saw with Digital cale

Here I give some basic knowledge about fret sawing and show a saw I designed and built for sawing the frets into the fretboard.

Frame clamp

Or how do I glue in places in guitar bodies that I can't get to by hand 

Fox Bender

Here I show the making of the so-called "Foxbender", a device for bending solid guitar sides.

Veneer Cutter

Need a narrow, uniform chip of veneer? Want to make a black/white/black binding in 1.8mm thickness? No problem at all. With the veneer cutter shown here, you can achieve strips of wood veneer strips up to approx. 0.8 or 1mm thick in no time at all.