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Fret Press

These pliers actually comes from the metal. It is there used to hold in welding and is very robust. After a few changes it can be used for pressing in frets.

Peghole Drilling

Classical guitar and Steel String Guitars by broken headstocks usually have leg wave mechanics with a hole spacing of 35mm. These produce freehand is quite tedious and risky. Here this device is intended to provide a remedy.

Tools: Binding Jig

Here I show a homemade device for clean and precise milling of purfling on guitars.

Dovetail Template - Device for Precise Cutting of Guitar Neck

On this site I show my milling device for attaching the neck on acoustic guitar cabinets.

Lacquering Machine Polishing - Buffing

After I got tired of it, to polish all the finishes by hand, I wondered, to build a polishing machine itself. This not only saves a lot of time and elbow grease, the surfaces shine professionally ;-)

Band Saw with Digital cale

Here I give some basic knowledge on the subject fret saws and show a designed and built by myself saw for sawing the fret in the fingerboard

Ribs Clamp

Or how I verleime places in Gitarrenkorpussen to which I do not hinkomme hand

Fox Bender

Here I show the production of the so-called "Foxbenders", a device for bending massive Gitarrenzargen.

Veneer Cutter

You need a narrow, uniform clamping of veneer? Want a black / white / black binding produced in the thickness 1.8mm? No problem. With the veneer cutter shown here are achieved in a jiffy strips of wood veneer strips to about 0.8 or 1mm thickness.