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  • Acoustic guitars
  • Archtop guitars
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  • etc.

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Schaller Product Guide:


GrandTune Western

GrandTune Western

premium tuners for steel string guitars:

  • solid headstock
  • slotted headstock


classic guitar

classic guitar

  • GrandTune Classic
  • Hauser
  • Lyra
  • Single Tuners


Here you find Schaller M6 tuners (1:14 and 1:16 ratio):

  • different versions
  • M6 Vintage Series

100% Made in Germany

M6 - Velvet-Tec®

M6 - Velvet-Tec®

Schaller M6 Velvet Tec® - The reinvention of the real classic!

  • Same appearance and dimensions
  •  New and leading technology
  • Ration: 1 : 18
  • Ultra-precise, low-wear, noticeably smoother
  • Extremely fine plating
  • 100% Made in Germany
Original Series

Original Series

Repacemant Tuner

  • Original F-series
  • Original G-series
Gypsy style Tuners

Gypsy style Tuners

Klick here for Gypsy style tuners!

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