The Preparation of the Fretboard Inlays - "Birds"

I'm already going a bit deeper with the description below - more about this can be found in the other projects

The inlays are made of real mother of pearl and show a swallow in flight. At the later milling points these are aligned on surfaces painted with Plaka colors and fixed with a small drop of super glue.

With a pointed scalpel I follow the outside to create an impression. Now carefully lever with the knife between the wood and the inlay to remove it.

Milling contour of the insert

After the contours of the inlays have been drawn, they must now be worked out with a small, sharp milling cutter.

Carbide Cutters for Dremel

The Dremel is used to mill along the marked structure to the depth of the insole. A little bit (1-3/10mm) should protrude!

Free milling of birds

To prevent the router from wobbling on the fretboard radius, there are boards of corresponding height on the right and left.

Worked contour

Test the fit and remove the paint with sandpaper.

Worked contour II

Fill the base with some superglue and then press the inlay firmly.

Filling the ground with superglue

If the inserts are glued, they look like this:

Glued inserts

The open, small gaps are filled with 5min epoxy. To make sure the glue has the same color as the fretboard, I collect fine sanding dust from the fretboard and mix it under the glue.

With a little heat the adhesive flows better. For this reason I use a red light bulb for preheating.

Filling the gaps

With a file the excess of the inlays and the glue can be easily removed. 

Filing of the supernatants

Finished inlays:


Ready-liner II